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We will keep a log of all of our findings on this page.  Our most recent findings will be listed on our home page.

  • On January 30, 2012 our researcher called the Butterball Corporate office and spoke to Anita in the Customer Service Department.  Our researcher explained her understanding that Butterball turkeys in the US are halal slaughtered, that this information was recently taken off their website, that she was told this information personally on the phone a couple of days before Thanksgiving and the same information was given to thousands of other people who called Butterball at that time -- plus there are articles on the internet stating that Butterball turkeys in the US are halal slaughtered.   Anita said that the Butterball Customer Service Department misunderstod what was required to be "halal."  They thought that because they were following the USDA guidelines, that those were the same guidelines required for halal slaughter.  Anita said they were given "talking points" that said there is no prayer said over the animal when it is killed in the U.S.  She did agree that their turkeys are Halal Certified outside of the U.S.  Our researcher responded that Butterball misinformed the entire nation about their turkeys.  It is very suspicious that they neither made the correction in the news media nor on their website.  Anita just apologized and said she'd give this information to the appropriate person who could choose to provide notice on the website or to the public through media.  Our researcher's conclusion is that she doesn't necessarily believe Butterball at this point but on the other hand she can't prove anything either.  Her conclusion is to presume that Butterball turkeys in the US are not halal until there is a way to prove that they are, but since there are other choices of turkeys to purchase, it would probably be best to steer clear of the issue by choosing another brand.
  • On January 10, 2012, a spokesperson for Pizza Hut confirmed on the phone to our researcher that none of the meats used by Pizza Hut in the United States are halal.


  • On January 9, 2012, corporate Subway confirmed by memo that it does not have any halal products in their foods in the United States.


  • Our crack researcher obtained a national telephone number for Subway on December 6, and placed a call.  The women our researcher spoke with said she would make sure the appropriate corporate representative would receive our information request.  She also offered that she was not authorized to answer any questions about "halal" but that nevertheless Subway has no halal products in Subway foods.  For that reason, we "unofficially" list Subway as non-halal, but we await official corporate confirmation of that fact.


  • On November 28, our very own crack researcher spoke with a representative for Campbell Soup company corporate and was told the following: in Canada, Campbells sells 13 soups that are halal.  In the US they have no halal products.  In Canada, they put two designations on their products: 1) a circle with a capital "M" inside and the left side of the circle is a darkened crescent; and 2) "ISNA".  The representative said they sell their products in hundreds of countries but was not sure of the halal status in countries other than Canada or the US.


  • On November 27, 2011, one of our crack researchers asked an employee in the meat department at the Market of Choice in Eugene, Oregon on Willamette Street whether 1) they get any of their lamb from Australia; and 2) whether any of their meats are halal slaughtered (and the researcher also confirmed with the employee what that meant).  Our researcher was told that 1) Market of Choice does not get any lamb from Australia, and all comes from the Willamette Valley (local to Oregon); and 2) none of their meat is halal slaughtered.


  • On 25 November 2011, the local Costco Wholesale establishment in Eugene, Oregon was called and an employee in the meat market stated that all of the lamb in Costco is from Australia and is halal slaughtered.


  • We are awaiting information about corporate Subway.


  • We are also awaiting a phone response from the District Manager for Pizza Hut as to whether they have halal slaughter products in their food.


  • We have a call pending for Winco (Eugene, Oregon) to determine which meats other than Butterball turkeys are halal slaughtered.

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